Day 2 – guest blog spot by John Bell

After a wonderful nights rest at the Great Glenn hostel, south laggan we woke refreshed and we made our way down to the start which was a get in opposite the floating pub, the Eagle inn at South Laggan lochs. We travelled up the canal which would lead us to loch Oich. We marvelled at the wildlife which turned out to be Nigel hiding in the trees throwing stones in the river – well one of us was easily fooled (me).
Loch Oich was like a millpond which was an absolute pleasure and the sun burning through fog. We made good progress down loch Oich aiming to take te easy route down the river Oich which was Carl’s first river trip which would take us to fort Augustus. The river Oich is a white water river with 2 grade 2 sections. We made excellent progress and Carl demonstrated some of his newly acquired skills including recovery of upstream pin on rock!!
We passed some pleasant fisherman and headed to fort Augustus where we met Nigel for lunch.
During lunch we noticed the wind increasing on Loch Ness showing some white tops. Nigel came up with a brilliant idea when he asked if we’d like to be dropped off up the loch instead and paddle back down to Fort Augustus which would mean we’d have the wind on our back – we jumped at the chance.
We loaded up the canoes and headed den the loch to a suitable drop off point which meant an abseil own the backside to reach the loch.
Paddling with the wind behind us with the 2 foot swell wasn’t as easy as we’d thought and it was demanding and demoralising. We covered the 1st mile in 30 mins. We did try and rig a sail at one point. We cracked on and improved our speed to 3.2 miles/hr. Carl fell asleep on one of the rest stops!!
Eventually we made it back to fort augustus to meet Nigel at the car.
10.1 miles on the loch done!!


2 thoughts on “Day 2 – guest blog spot by John Bell

  1. Wishing you guys all the very best of luck for the remainder of your trip. Hope that the wind subsides for you all and that you are able to complete your journey. Keep paddling and you’ll get there.

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