First day was a nightmare :-(

The drive up to Fort William starting at 2-30 went without a hitch and we made good progress meaning we arrived in fort William for 8 and heading straight to McDonald’s for breakfast and then headed off to the Corpach sea loch office for us to collect key for facilities along the way. The guy in the office asked where we were headed and was surprised when we said south laggan. He replied with good luck and it doesn’t get dark until 10pm – and he wasn’t far off the mark.
John headed off to the laggan yh to drop the car off and with the intention of hitching back. The hitch didn’t work but John got the local bus back,
We hit the water in glorious sunshine by 11am and headed along the canal for 6 miles which had head winds in places. But nothing like what was to come. Lunch was taken at gairlochy lochs.
Then we headed off across loch lochy for 12 miles (therefore classed as open water) into relentless very strong headwinds causing rollers down the loch which REALLY slowed progress.
I must say I nearly abandoned with 4 miles to go but was talked around and headed on..
We eventually arrived at the place on the canal where we got out at 8pm and it was a John bell moment – dragging the boats up a steep overgrown hill and down the other side and over a barbed wire fence before disturbing some sheep before eventually arriving at the great Glenn hostel and our abode for the night.
Showers done, pizza in (cheers Carl) and beers started it wasn’t long before we were noddy dogs and ready for an early night.
In conclusion:
I hate headwinds, I should’ve done more than one hours trying in the past 25 yrs, I have a very sore shoulder
Carl, for a beginner did really well with only a couple of moments to cause concern and an impromptu support stroke.
John, as we know is a proficient paddler but he always has a mad moment and his came at the end of the day


3 thoughts on “First day was a nightmare :-(

  1. Your title to this section is a bit dramatic! It could have been worse, we had glorious sunshine all day, did the first 6 mile in under 2 hours, nobody capsized and we finished before it got dark. ok , some of us were a little ill prepared in terms of time spent in a boat prior to the trip but it went well considering!

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